Academic or General Training
During the registration process, candidates will be required to show their valid passport, which is the only identification accepted. IELTS can be taken in most major cities at least twice every month. it is conducted in Gujarat – Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Vapiand Rajkot several times every month.
 Exam Fees : Rs. 9300
Declaration of Result : Mailed after 13 days of taking the test.
Website : www.ielts.org
Registration Method : Online / Walk-in to the Centre with completed Test Application Form.
Payment Mode : Demand Draft / Credit Card / Cash
Nature Of Exam : Paper Based Test (PBT)
Test Duration : 4 hrs.
Score Validity : 2 Years
Score Range : 0-9 band.
Good Score : 6.5+band
Averages Score : 5.5
Test Takers : Undergraduate, Graduate programs & as well as for immigration purpose.
Test Accepted By : UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada & in USA over 1000 universities.
Test Conducted By : Jointly conducted by University of Cambridge ESOL, British Council & IDP.
Test Pattern : Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking.
When is the Test Conducted : At least twice in a month
Test Repetition Policy : Next available date
Where Does one Register For the Test : First Connect Centre or British Council/IDP across India.
Proof of Document Required for Registration : Original & Valid Passport, 2 Photographs.
    Regular Full Lengh Tests counducted in simulated conditions- Like the real test!
We conduct regular bi-weekly full-length IELTS tests for all coaching enrollees. these give you a performance review and SWOT analysis. They are simulated to be just like the real IELTS examination. This is a must do for any test taker.
Compulsory for you
1. Students applying for schooling, foundation, undergraduate, post graduate, doctoral, certificate or diploma programs of study at colleges & universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

2. Immigration Candidates for Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand
and for several other countries in Europe.

3. MBBS, M.D. medical professionals applying for The Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) Test (UK Medical Council - GMC), Australian Medical Council, Canadian Medical Council.
4. Nurses, Pharmacists, Physiotherapist, Dentists applying for licensing or registration examinations such as CGFNS, NCLEX RN, etc., or other council registration.

5. Strongly recommended for those applying for temporary or permanent work authorization visas such as teachers, engineers, ITI professionals, and computer professionals, other vocational professionals for the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or other European Countries.
    Type of IELTS Coaching Courses at First Connect

IELTS Full Course Regular
Intensive classroom strategy lessons & section wise practice. This course includes: Regular test practice, full course meterial, tutor help for one to one speaking practice and doubt solving, resource facilities, grammar tests, reading comprehension, writing and listening practice. 2-3 month of intensive classroom coaching (1.5 hour weekdays or Saturday and Sunday 2.5 hours)

IELTS Full Course Crash
Intensive classroom strategy lessons & section wise practice. All times tutor interaction. This course includes: Regular test practice, full course meterial, tutor help for one to one speaking practice and doubt solving, resource facilities, reading comprehension, writing and listening practice. 1 month of intensive classroom coaching (2 hour weekdays and weekend)

Fees Details

2-3 months full course: Rs. 6000
IELTS + Spoken English: Rs. 8500

Timing Facility
Flexi-Timing for Shift Duty candidates: Flexibility to switch/change batch timing in between course

Morning Batches : 7.30-9,9-10.30,10.30-12 am
Afternoon Batches : 1-2.30, 2.30-4,4-5.30 pm
Evening Batches : 5.30-7,7-8.30pm

IELTS score valid up to 2 years

Complete preparation for IELTS examination provided by First Connect
    Why First Connect for IELTS?
  Two days free demo lectures
  Free Linguaskill Diagnostic test to appear
  Free Course material with stationary kit
  Free repeat policy
  Regular visit of IELTS experts
  Trained IELTS staff
  Input node of British Council and IDP Australia
  Fully higynic & air conditioned class
  Exclusive Course Material
  Unlimited Test Practice
  Excellent Faculty
  Special Time/Batch flexibility for shift duty candidates
  Audio Viusual Session
An overview: This course will help you see this world in the hues of satisfactory confidence. It will enhance your lexicon and you will get an in depth understanding of English language.

Conversation: You will learn real academic English and Functional/applied Grammar in this section i.e. (Art of conversation).

Grammar: you will learn grammar through listening, speaking and practically doing the exercise.

Role Play: Through role plays, pair and group activities help to learn dialogues & situational conversation.

Pronunciation: The emphasis, in this section is on how to learn the art of Stress, Intonation & Rhythm. The end result of this exercise is to enable you to speak clearly & correctly.

Listening: The exercise trains the students in various aspects of comprehension namely ‘listening comprehension’. Here students learn the art of Listening, Understanding and Interpreting.

Word Power: It is a total for vocabulary building .Here students learn new words and how to use them in the right context which means the choice of words and connotation.

Reading: In this exercise students are able to evaluate on their own, what they have read. After doing the whole unit, the students are capable of reading and understanding the passage on their own. They are able to interpret and apply the information to the question, given at the end. The Teacher here acts only as a guide or facilitator.

Writing: This exercise will be there at the end of each unit. This exercise is meant to train the students in the art of writing. It teaches the writing skills. Students learn how to write correct English.

Interchange Activity: In this section, the class as a whole in groups or in pairs attempt and complete the various exercise in an enjoyable atmosphere. The tutor becomes motivator and helper.

It is a systematic study can training program for all the 4 skills needed in English language proficiency. It also enhances your personality & helps you build up your English.

Learning English is a Fun Experience at First Connect.
You have the Best of the Faculty & Infrastructure to learn from, learn in & learn through.

Spoken English Course
Duration –One hour daily
Period – 3 Months
Mon-Fri: 1-2,2-3,3-4 pm
Fee: 4500/-

Age No Bar for Learning: Any one can join this course.
At the successful completion of the course-the students are given a certificate which has an International validity and recognition. You also get a whole set of course material.

There are 4 tests for spoken English course. After each 4 units, there is test conducted on each Saturday which makes it total 4 tests. These test performances will reflect your progress and proficiency. The new Interchange series helps you learn improve and perfect all the four skills of English language-namely-Listening, Writing, Speaking & Reading. Along with this it also enriches your Vocabulary, polishes your Pronunciation and enhances your content knowledge.
    The various features of First Connect English Programme which come to you as an added bonus for free are:
  We prepare you for performance oriented Interviews, Presentation and Group discussions.
  You will learn how to make an impressive and a perfect C.V/Resume/Biodata.
Why should you join First Connect for learning English???
Correctly spoken English enables you to interact with new friends and you have better future.
You leave an impact on those you meet.
It is a means to get a cherished job.
The course enables you to think in English, speak in English and function in English.
After doing this course, you will be able to interact with people from others walks of life.
Your Personal, Professional and Business life will be highly benefited.
Your Studies abroad, your Visa & Emigration/Immigration will be facilitated no end
This course will also be a stepping stone for your M.B.A., CAT and other interviews cum entrance exam.
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